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How it all Started...

A lifelong Endeavor

Blue Hen Equine Education was founded by Horse Enthusiast, Jordann Abbe, in the Fall of 2020. When life hit a major breaking point, she realized her dream and life vision could no longer wait. Horses are Jordann's #1 passion since childhood and she enjoys sharing her love of the equine species with the world; especially with those who may not have direct access but have the undying desire to learn! Jordann volunteered at a local barn during high school assisting with lessons and chores. In 2009 she was the Valedictorian of her high school class. Mrs. Abbe graduated from the University of Wisconsin or River Falls with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with an Equine Emphasis in 2013. After college she volunteered as a therapeutic riding teaching assistant and barn-hand for a few years before moving to Duluth, MN. Currently Jordann and her husband Alex, they have their horses Bess and Dorada with whom they enjoy, take lessons with and work to refine their skill sets. In addition to work towards carrying out a fulfilling and meaningful life,  there are many roadblocks Jordann faces with chronic illness limiting her body's ability to do everything she once had. Hasimoto's, Thyroid disease, Stage 4 Endometriosis, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and chronic pain often create more uphill challenges but Jordann is working to continue the life she dreams of. Nola, Jordann's first horse passed away in November 2018 due to an severe injury. Losing Nola was the hardest moment for Jordann. 

"With all the whirlwind that is 2020, I decided it is finally time to take a risk and make something of my degree and absolute love. For those who perhaps do not have the time or money to purse an equine-related college degree but are interested in the information, I am here for you. For those who have questions about topics but don't know who to ask or how to find the answers, I want to help. For anyone who has a keen interest in learning about horses, here is a great resource to start. My goal with Blue Hen is to combine my knowledge and takeaway from my college degree and mix it with what I've learned from my own experiences over time, in addition to various books and articles published on very specific horse subjects. I am not here to claim I am "the horse expert" on everything but I find immense joy in teaching and sharing my passion with others and if you can find some use in the information I provide then it is well worth my time. Still, I am on my own equine education journey. I don't think anyone ever truly stops being a student and that is really exciting."

-Jordann Abbe 

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