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Intro to Trimming and Shoeing

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

This is an intermediate level course introducing concepts in trimming and shoeing practices. It runs about an hour. Please open the link in a new tab and enjoy! (Don't forget to hit play and turn up your volume to hear the audio). Additional Tip: Don't let your computer snooze during the presentation. Hit pause if you need to step away. If your computer goes to sleep due to inactivity, the audio may not line up correctly or be cut off. If viewing from a mobile device, make sure you download the power point app. These presentations are best viewed on a computer. To access Introduction To Trimming and Shoeing please click on the link below. You are able to print out hand out versions by selecting print to pdf on the top menu bar.!Avr8Qafmu1-af8bbYqeR7ltT1L8?e=CGiNLn

Educational videos listed in the presentation for you to watch are linked below:

Horse Hoof Trimming Principles, provided by eXtension runs 6 minutes 43 seconds

Casey Horseshoeing School Basic Hoof Prep Part:1 runs 2 minutes 39 seconds

How to Shoe a Horse runs 7 minutes 18 seconds

How to Pull a Horse Shoe runs 4 minutes 42 seconds

Anyone have any good clinching videos? If you find one, post the link in the comments!

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